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Deep Sleep Kit

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Since 2015, our products & facials are:

✔️formulated with estheticians
✔️clean, non-toxic & fragrance-free
✔️born in Chicago

A limited edition sleep kit to help fall asleep faster, stay in a deep slumber, and wake up with more refreshed skin. Pairing ingredients like sandalwood/eucalyptus/lavender to reduce anxiety and help your body relax while advanced nighttime repair ingredients go to work on your skin. This $170 value includes: 

  • Savasana Stress Fix, 4 oz
    • Use as eucalyptus pillow spray to help fall asleep faster
  • Slip® Silk Sleep Mask 
    • Limited edition luxurious anti-aging silk sleep mask designed to keep you asleep
  • Goodnight Goddess Serum, 1 oz
    • Advanced nighttime repair serum with sandalwood to wake up with refreshed skin

  • Ideas:
    • CYDF cell phone stickerThe National Sleep Foundation recommends that you should stop using cell phones at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Grab a free vinyl sticker at any CYDF location nationwide and put it on your phone for a nightly reminder to stop using your phone before bed.
    • CYDF book mark:  Upcycle your Goodnight Goddess Serum box into a bookmark. Instead of scrolling on social media, grab a book that's been tucked away in your nightstand and start reading before bed. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great set, all three products are really lovely and luxurious. Serum is very smooth but light enough that my skin soaks it in easily.