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Ice Queen

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Our signature massage tool used during our 5-point acupressure face massage during every facial is now yours to take home! Use this fan favorite to decrease inflammation + puffiness, help with blood circulation for that added facial glow, and aid in deeper product penetration for maximum benefits. Paired best with a face oil. 

How to use: 
1. Follow us on Instagram @cleanyourdirtyface for a video tutorial on how to use your Ice Queen. 

2. Securely store your Ice Queen in a refrigerator to keep her cold. We recommend placing your queen in her original box or on a towel — either way you choose to store her, keep her in the fridge (not freezer)! 

3. Ice Queen is best paired with Goodnight Goddess Night Serum or face oil, but feel free to use whatever skincare product you’d like. 

4. Follow the video tutorial and use your Ice Queen until her cold wears off and she goes back to being an uninspiring, warm globe. Then, it’s time to gently clean her with soap + water and safely place her back in the fridge. For more tips on how to use your Ice Queen, visit one of our facial bars or email us at info@cleanyourdirtyface.com.

5. Disclaimer: Refrigerate only. Do not freeze. Examine your Ice Queen thoroughly before use, as extreme cold temperature and/or transit can crack the glass. Discard and discontinue use immediately if there are any visible cracks or breaks in the glass. Clean Your Dirty Face® is not liable for any broken items.

Shipping: Products will ship in 3-4 business days after order has been received.

Return Policy: No returns or exchanges unless product is damaged in transit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love my ice queen

A fave aspect of the facial and my personal routine


Fell in love with the Ice Queen when I received my first facial from Clean Your Dirty Face. Immediately went home and ordered it. I have used it almost everyday since. I love how easy and quick it is to use and it just feels so good. Definitely worth it!

Olivia M

Love it! My favorite part of every facial!

Need instructions
Instructions for how to use are not included

Was very excited to receive the Ice Queen as a gift but wasn’t sure how to use it. I looked all through the box for instructions but there were none. When I googled for instructions, several different ice rollers popped up and some you put in freezer and some say not to. I had no idea how to use this and finally contacted person who gifted me which was embarrassing, and she sent me a tutorial, which was not very helpful at all. This rating could be much higher if they had written and pictorial instructions on how to use. I will not give this as a gift only because of that flaw.

Hi Kathleen! The instructions are printed directly on the inside of the box. As soon as you open the box, there are full instructions on where to find our video tutorials and directions regarding how to use, how not to place in the freezer, etc. We even have a 'highlight' on our Instagram handle labeled 'how to ice queen' so please feel free to refer to that for additional resources. Here's a link to more directions: https://cleanyourdirtyface.shop/collections/shopproducts-best-sellers/products/ice-queen. Here's a direct link to our video tutorial: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7WnsK0p0zy/

Hope that helps!

Ashley M
Love the Ice Queen

After getting a facial & having the Ice Queen used during my service I had to buy one! I love the results I am getting!